Why Getting A Building Inspection Report Is Mandatory

In years past, whenever you bought a home you basically expected there to be some pest, dry rot, and plumbing problems and it was part of the deal. What most people did was do their own inspections and if the problems weren’t too great, then they expected to fix things over time. Now, however, homes cost far more money, especially when compared to income, and the prices of repairs are is also incredibly high. This has led to an industry of building inspection technicians that will spend all the time that’s needed to examine the plumbing, electrical, foundation, roof, windows, attic, gutters and downspouts to make sure there are no hidden problems. If something is found, the repairs will most likely be a part of the sales price, one way or the other.

In Many Areas, Full Disclosure Is Mandatory

In the past, if the seller of a home knew of a defect or costly repair that needed doing he could keep it to himself and let the buyer beware. There was very little recourse on the part of the buyer since most homes were sold ‘as is’ meaning fix it yourself if you want to. Now, in most areas, the seller is required to disclose a whole list of items that could ruin the sale in some cases. If there has ever been any lead paint found in the home, a buried oil tank, or even a small fire in the kitchen, those things need to be discussed and written into the sales contract.

Any failure to disclose can end up in court with the buyer suing to recover the costs of repairs. The worst part is that once the problem has been discovered, the costs of fixing it can skyrocket due to differences in prices of contractors. The costs are far more difficult to negotiate once the cover-up has been disclosed so a judge may not be in the mood to entertain multiple bids from the home seller.

The Nature Of The Industry Now Dictates All Homes Be Inspected

In order to avoid lawsuits, it’s now almost mandatory that nearly every home sold be inspected by a certified company and that a building inspection report is included in the sales contract. Any problems that are found can either be repaired or included in the negotiations between the two parties. There are also disclosure agreements that most real estate agents use when they are writing the listing for each home and any false answers could end up in court as well. Look at getting a from someone that has good reviews on google maps, look at the profile for Vital Report it’s a good example of where to start looking for reviews. See if you can find the best-reviewed places in your local area.

There will also be a separate pest inspection ordered since that is usually a different speciality than plumbing, electrical, roofing, and foundations. Pests such as subterranean termites, carpenter ants, and other insects can cause many thousands of dollars of hidden damage that is difficult to find. Some pest control personnel have specialised equipment that is able to detect higher temperatures generated by colonies of insects that reside in the walls of homes. This is an important part of buying a home in all areas but especially warmer climates near forests.

Finding A Qualified Inspector Is Important

Nearly all governments issue licenses for inspectors and pest control operators, however, some are qualified to sell services, others treat services, while others are good enough to guarantee and certify an inspection. You should always check to see what certifications are required by both the mortgage lender and the local municipality. There is no sense paying for an inspection if the results aren’t going to be accepted by all the parties involved in the transaction.

If you’re a seller about to sell a home it also might be a good idea to a building inspection report done so that anything found can be rectified before the home is listed. That way when you do find a qualified buyer there won’t be any long delays in completing the sale. Having inspections is the wave of the future and it will only become more important as the price of homes goes up along with the costs of repairs as well.

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